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Inspired by Night of the Living Dead, the player must journey through a mansion, blocking out all zombies from infiltrating the building. You have no weapons, only your cunning.

This game was made as part of the Voxelles Spooky Game Jam, in less than 24 hours.


  • Keyboard & Mouse (WASD to move).
  • Left Click: Build fortifications
  • Right Click: Destroy fortifications


Move through rooms until the night passes! Don't let the zombies get you.


  • Ben Toepke: Code & Design
  • Chris Weiss: Art & Design
  • Zachary Fintel: Writing


Night of the Unliving.zip 16 MB


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Pretty fun, not bad considering the short time in which it was made.


Gave it a go....



Thanks a ton for playing our little game jam game! Glad you had a fun time, despite the game's flaws (especially since it was made in less than 24 hours).

Thanks so much!


*Rawr* Hello everyone, I tried the game out, made a Let's Play on it and review of what I think and felt of it. Check below for gameplay.

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Ha! Thanks so much for playing our little game jam game!

Your confusion on the story was pretty fantastic, that was pretty much what we expected the response to be (we didn't exactly agree with it either, but we kept it in anyway).

The rest of the game's issues... well, that's what happens when a game gets cranked out in less than 24 hours. ;)

Regardless, your commentary was pretty fun, video quality was great, and I'm glad that despite the game's flaws, you had a "good enough" time. :)


If a game is just so bad that I just stop caring about it, it never gets fully recorded or uploaded xD So, it's always at least a good thing if I feel its worth the upload and the editing. And aye, the time restraints for sure can hold some games back, but if there's lots of promise, always room for expansion.